Through the Looking Glass Window Replacement & Repair Projects

 Doing a major window replacement or repair project in a building that’s home to hundreds of people isn’t easy. There are any number of scheduling and access considerations, and time  is obviously of the essence, as it’s impractical and unsafe to leave a gaping hole in someone’s wall for any length of time.  

 While most windows last for years, every building must, sooner or later, address  a window replacement project. Let’s take a look at what you need to know about windows before it's your building's  turn.  

 A Universal Element

 Unlike green roofs or high-tech security systems, windows are something every  operating residential building in New York already has. Human nature being what  it is—and the frugality of most boards being what it is—the tendency is to leave well enough alone. Why do we need new windows now? The  hue and cry is to “wait till next year.”  

 “When’s it time to trade in your car and get a newer one?” muses Jim Carrera, vice president of sales for Industrial Window Corp. in  Briarcliff. In other words, there’s no good answer. But there are signs to look out for.  

 When you have a water leak, when you have an air leak, that’s a sign that it may be time to replace the windows, says Henry Backer,  president of Accurate Windows in Dix Hills. “Or some units may have condensation between the glass.”  


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  • We are planning a capital improvement on our building windows and wondered about the codes for a NYC coop. From what we were told since we have a fire escape building one window in the apartment has to b egress. Is this true or can we do straight double hung windows throughout the building?