Q&A: Viewing List of Owners' Payments

Q. Can a unit owner demand to see a copy of the monthly list of unit owners' payments of the monthly HOA?

—Shareholder Seeking Open Access to Documents

A. “Yes,” says attorney Aaron Shmulewitz of the New York City firm of Belkin Burden Wenig & Goldman LLP. “Under New York law, a homeowners association is most often governed by the State Condominium Act. Under Section 339-w of that Act, the board is required to keep ‘detailed, accurate records, in chronological order, of the receipts and expenditures arising from the operation of the property.’ Such records are to be ‘available for examination by the unit owners at convenient hours of weekdays.’ So, a HOA unit owner can make an appointment to inspect the list of unit owner payments each month at the management office.”      

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  • are members allowed to see 1099 s of board doing work at association?
  • Can I, a shareholder get access to records of maintenance work for my own unit? I have been told by the property manager and a board member that the maintenance supervisor has claimed that certain maintenance work was done in my unit that in fact was never done. Our board does not require shareholder verification of claims of performance of maintenance work to their unit.