Q&A: Loud Fan Is Driving Me Crazy

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Q. Five years ago, my husband and I bought an apartment with a small deck, which is located on top of my building’s parking garage. The prospect of a little outdoor space is what sold us on this place. For about eight months a year, it’s a second living room, and I have worked really hard to make it a beautiful place, investing thousands of dollars in plants and furniture.

The garage recently installed a very loud fan right underneath our deck. It blows car exhaust up into not just our outdoor space, but into our apartment, and is so loud it’s impossible to sleep through. When we’ve made what we feel are reasonable complaints about the situation to our managing agent, rather than addressing the issue, the manager angrily wondered how I got his phone number (which I called during business hours). The board president also castigated me for phoning him. What recourse do we have here?

                       —Pleading for Serenity

A. “New York law imposes an ‘implied warranty of habitability’ on every residential lease, and is a statute which even cooperative boards are obliged to follow,” notes Lucas A. Ferrara, an adjunct professor at New York Law School, and a partner at Newman Ferrara LLP, a Manhattan law firm.

“If an apartment cannot be used for its intended purposes, as a result of health or safety hazards, a board may be found in violation of that statutory protection.   Further, the shareholders can file common law ‘nuisance’ and ‘constructive eviction’ claims, alleging a wrongful interference with the use and enjoyment of their property. Any lawsuit would seek, among other things, a maintenance reduction, or ‘abatement,’ together with an order requiring the eradication of the disturbances in question.


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  • Michael P. Graff, Esq. on Saturday, June 5, 2021 8:09 PM
    Annual meetings of shareholders is a good time to air your issues with the Board. In addition to the printed response, you can call 311 or 718-337-4357 to file a complaint with the DEP. Eventually they will send an inspector to measure the noise level and may issue a violation. In your complaint, let them know the time of day when the noise is most unbearable. If you show your apartment for sale as suggested, try to show when the noise is less noticeable