New Security Products Protect Residents Avoid Liability Suits & Increase Security

Now board members and management have another reason to sit up and take notice when

issues of tenant security are raised. It can be summed up in one word: Liability. In a growing number of jurisdictions, property owners are being held liable for failing to provide reasonable security to tenants or employees within the building. Under traditional security liability cases, the plaintiff had to produce evidence of a similar prior criminal act occurring on the premises. Increasingly, however, this rule has been replaced by numerous State Supreme Courts which now use other factors besides prior criminal activity to establish foreseeability. These factors include the physical security of the building and, if steps aren't taken, buildings can find themselves on the receiving end of some potent litigation.

According to Peter Livingston, a partner with the law firm of Rosen and Livingston, which specializes in co-op and condo law, liability cases are now settling for as high as $1 million per case. The issue of security and how to improve it has remained a hot topic in the co-op and condo industry for a long time. To meet this very real need for added protection in apartment buildings, vendors have created a myriad of new gadgets designed to safeguard buildings. In addition to reducing the chances of buildings being held liable, these products and services can make residents feel safer and more comfortable in their homes.

The Keys To Better Security

When it comes to the major areas where physical security needs to be improved, key control is one of the most important. After all, if you can't control who's moving in and out of your apartment, how effective can your security really be? Fortunately, there are products available that can help residents solve this dangerous problem.


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  • in CA. can the property manager of my apt. complex dictate as to installation of a security door or can they tell me to remove a security door that was part of original lease of 9 years ago