Maintenance Should Not Be Neglected Pay Attention Now or Pay Later

It's Friday night and you've just arrived home from a long week at work. Picking up your mail, you head upstairs in anticipation of a cold drink and a hot bath. But when you enter the bathroom, you find a quarter inch of water covering the floor! A weekend plumbing leak--a building manager's nightmare!

Fortunately, you live in a building where the super is on the ball; an inventory of parts is kept on hand, a reliable plumber can be reached in a jiffy, and by 8 pm you're up to your neck in a therapeutic mineral bath.

Not every building has such a foolproof plan for corrective maintenance. Many supers fail to maintain an inventory of parts, don't check stock regularly, and have trouble forging working relationships with professionals willing to come out at all hours. For building residents, the difference between the two levels of performance can turn a routine repair into a nightmare.

A Primary Budget Item

Maintaining your building as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible is one of the primary challenges of any property owner. For co-op and condo boards, who are financially responsible for their neighbors' most valuable investments their homes--this tough job is especially important. Maintenance expenses can account for as much as 15 percent of any building's budget, with the percentage rising even higher in older buildings. By implementing a well-thought-out maintenance plan, your building can keep those costs down while increasing the comfort level and quality of life of every building resident.


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