Looking for Leaks Finding Water Intrusion Requires Detective Work

Edgar Dworsky is the treasurer of a small condo complex in Somerville, Massachusetts that was built back in 1987. He loves where he lives except for one rather large problem. Water leaks have plagued the complex since it was built. During driving rains, water comes in from around the windows and near the chimney. The association has tried numerous solutions to fix the problem, but nothing has worked very well.

“Water problems are completely frustrating and expensive to try to fix,” says Dworsky.

Water leaks are one of the most damaging things that can happen to a condo, whether in the units or on the common property—especially if, like Dworsky’s complex, they are stealthy leaks that are hard to detect. Among other things, the leaks can be caused from a poorly-constructed building, old pipes, poorly-maintained valves, and damage caused by other factors such as storms. “Everybody that we’ve had in here has told us where they think it’s coming from, and every person has been different, but nobody has been right,” says Dworsky.

Water, Water, Wherefore Art Thou?

Although Dworsky’s building problems seems to have started at the construction phase, Russell Fernandes, principal and vice president of Becht Engineering, BT, Inc in Liberty Corner, New Jersey, says that roofs and siding or façade leaks can develop at any time in a building’s life span.

“Pipes begin to deteriorate in the 20- to 30-year range of a building’s life,” says Fernandes. “This is particularly troublesome in high-rise buildings with large riser pipes—the pipes that run from basement to top floor, inside walls—to supply everything from hot and cold domestic water to air conditioning and heating.”


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  • Questions: How do we fix the leaks? If in a co-op, who is responsible for the repair?
  • I am facing the problem of leaks in walls and recently in roof too.I am unable to detect and so for solution since 6 to 7 years in a apartment please advice
  • Living in apartment for 26 years that has water intrusion when it rain heavily. Had apt tested for mold 510 spore count aspergilos/penicillium. LL will not fix exterior of building and I am allergic and what to do?
  • I own a coop in Manhattan for the last 2 years I have had leaks around my window and adjoining ceiling. This has been investigated with Infrared and saturation testing. They redoing a cosmetic repair but can' t find the leak. Suggestions? Thanks
  • I am looking for storage unit for the area in front of a parking spot (And wall of garage). Suggestions?
  • Who is responsible for a condo leak depends on where the leak occurs. Leaks in the "stack" aka main feed or main drain are the community responsibility. Plumbing within the unit is the owners responsibility. We are dealing with a condo built in the early 70's that is now leaking down to our neighbors units, but we don't know where the leak is at. Today they said it was leaking again, but it is also raining heavily so who knows where the leak is at.
  • I live in Miami, FL. During the recent terrific winds/rain storm that continued for few days, I had rain water coming in at the foundation, baseboard tiles. (living room) I have seen this many times for short periods of time, but dealt with it. Last year condo paid handyman to build up outside with bags of dirt, but it did not work at all. I was mopping up for two/three days in an effort not to have it spread to other areas of my living room. Now I notice the wall under my hurricane windows is totally DAMP and peeling in spots/stains. Who do I call to find out what to do? Any suggestions. I am a Senior. I have hurricane windows since last Jan. Thanks