Helping Conserve Energy Nine New Products and Services

Many co-op and condo boards have realized that energy conservation is not only an issue of

environmental importance, but also a key area in helping reduce their buildings' operating expenses. And the industry continues to offer a variety of new products and services that can help co-ops and condos save money while keeping our planet clean and green.

Fuel Cells

Building Energy Systems and Technology, Inc. (B.E.S.T.), a Mahwah, New Jersey-based company, is introducing a revolutionary new way of providing energy for large multi-family residences, utilizing technology originally used on manned space flights. The fuel cell, manufactured by the ONSI Corporation, is a waste-free power generation system that saves highly substantial amounts of energy and money.

The fuel cell is a 10 ' x10 ' x18 ' unit that generates energy from natural gas through a combustion-free process. It splits the gas into hydrogen, which is converted into electricity and hot distilled water that can be used for water heaters. Fuel cell units are vibration-free, and generate as little noise as a room air conditioner. Because the unit generates its electricity independent of municipal power grids, blackouts and brownouts due to weather are not a threat in a fuel-cell powered building.


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