Focus on Building Community Governance and Business Operations

It is easy to focus attention on the governance and business aspects of operating associations because of their immediacy. However, clear lines of communication and a strong sense of community among residents focuses everyone's attention on the positive benefits of being a part of the community and encourages participation in association activities. As a result, governance and business operations become less problematic.

In the early history of community associations, Business meant austerity, Governance meant compliance, and Community meant conformity. When I first became involved with community associations, the prevalent governance style was "Command and Control." The board's biggest fear was the "Domino Effect"—allow one rule to be violated and lose all control forever.

As the community association movement has matured however, the current thinking is more that Business means prudence, Governance means justice, and Community means harmony. I would like to help you do two things. Recognize the need for continually building community in your association, and move beyond rhetoric to reality in your attempts to foster community in your association.

What's 'Building Community' All About? It's about neighborhoods, not housing developments.

• It's about customers, not unit owners.


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