COVID-19 vs. Building and Unit Access Who Gets In?

Q. As the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic spreads, we're trying to keep our building and residents as safe as possible as we practice social distancing and self-quarantine as necessary. To that end, can we ban all non-residents from the building?

A. According to Manhattan-based firm Armstrong Teasdale, "It is very impractical to ban all non-residents. For example, a child might want to visit their elderly parent who lives alone. While boards may ban large gatherings, or limit the number of people who will be permitted into an apartment for an event, we have seen no such governmental guidelines which recommend limiting all guests to multifamily dwellings. However, encouraging residents not to invite non-residents into the building is certainly a sensible idea. As to banning certain non-residents (such as dog walkers, tutors, nannies, etc.), it certainly would be prudent, but boards must consider each on a case-by-case basis based on a number of considerations."

Q. What should we do about deliveries?

A. "We recommend that no delivery personnel be permitted past the entrance of the building, and that in most cases residents pick up their packages or food deliveries in the lobby or outside of the building. If a resident has a delivery, a building staff member can leave the package outside of the apartment. For non-doorman buildings, the resident should be required to come down to the lobby of the building. Boards may have to permit access by a delivery person if a resident is sick or self-quarantined."

Q. What about open houses and brokers who want to show apartments?


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  • Can anyone provide guidance/insight into what buildings/Co-Ops are doing for move-in/move-out.
  • When are these restrictions of delivery people will ease? At this point they are allowing open houses by appointment. How is that different from one UPS man delivering packagesand dropping them by the doors?