2001 Dec/Jan
Focus on... Building-Wide Finacial Strategies

Finance A Second Chance
2001 Dec/Jan A Second Chance

While the real estate market today is going strong, there are still buildings facing financial troubles. Many of these are victims of the collapsed real estate market of the late 1980s and early ‘90s. The market may have dropped after the c…

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Finance The Finance Officer
2001 Dec/Jan The Finance Officer

A good treasurer is crucial to the well-being of any co-op or condo. Unfortunately, the position is, without a doubt, one of the most challenging offices to hold. Carl M. Cesarano, CPA, a partner with Cesarano & Khan PC in Rego Park, Queens…

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Finance Sponsor Problems?
2001 Dec/Jan Sponsor Problems?

The numerous, rapid conversions of the 1980s resulted in many cases of sponsor default in the early ‘90s. But as the number of building conversions slowed in the ‘90s, it seems that potential conflict between shareholders and the sponsor ma…

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Finance Reduce Variable (and Fixed) Costs
2001 Dec/Jan Reduce Variable (and Fixed) Costs

All board members should be involved in the budgeting process of their building. However, board members come from a wide array of professional backgrounds, and often lack experience managing large budgets and do not know how to effectively …

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Board Operations Love Thy Neighbor... As Best You Can
2001 Dec/Jan Love Thy Neighbor... As Best You Can

It’s 3:30 in the morning and your upstairs neighbor can’t seem to get enough of the new Cher album. It’s not just the techno beat that’s getting to you, it’s the volume. It’s making your china collection rattle in its hutch and your teeth h…

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Neighborhoods Central Park North and Harlem
2001 Dec/Jan Central Park North and Harlem

Real estate brokers and developers have seen sales of condos and co-ops on Central Park North and in Harlem take off in the past year. On Christmas Eve of 1999, Saadia Lynch, a broker with Bellmarc Realty, a residential real estate brokerag…

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