2000 Jul
Focus on... Budget& Finance

Finance The Best Way to Grow
2000 Jul The Best Way to Grow

All healthy co-ops or condos possess healthy bank accounts. One way to make sure that financial glow stays bright is to infuse it with extra income, above and beyond the usual monthly fees and payments. There are a number of options for bri…

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Finance Reducing Costs
2000 Jul Reducing Costs

Many expenses, small and large, are involved in the process of managing a residential building. A majority of these are unavoidable, such as mortgage payments in the case of a co-op, utility costs and payroll; however, when large sums of…

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Finance Translation, Please!
2000 Jul Translation, Please!

Whether you’re a co-op or condo owner or on your building’s board, you are considered a primary user of the property’s financial statements. As such, you should definitely make it a point to understand what you’re looking at–to not only be …

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Board Operations The Ins and Outs Of Illegal Sublets
2000 Jul The Ins and Outs Of Illegal Sublets

In today’s booming real estate market everyone is looking to turn a profit. Should co-op shareholders be any different? Everyone wants a piece of the pie but at what cost? Subletting cooperative apartments can be very simple if you follow t…

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Neighborhoods Operation: DUMBO
2000 Jul Operation: DUMBO

Literally a pebble’s throw from Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn’s DUMBO is one of the most exciting and happening growth areas in the city. An acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, it is an area roughly bounded by the Manhattan…

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Buying & Selling Caveat Emptor
2000 Jul Caveat Emptor

Real estate in the New York Metropolitan area is hot. Ask any broker and they will tell you that their job is getting more and more difficult because there is simply no supply. Many sellers are having a hard time committing to a sale becaus…

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Buying & Selling Douglas Elliman
2000 Jul Douglas Elliman

Chinese lamps, leather chairs and carpeting reminiscent of the orient set the mood of subtle elegance in the lobby of Douglas Elliman’s executive offices. Company publications, Treasury of Fine Homes and Folio of Fine Homes, are set out for…

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