2000 Aug
Focus on... Insurance

Insurance Don't Learn the Hard Way
2000 Aug Don't Learn the Hard Way

Insurance is always a "hot-button" topic among co-op corporations and condo association boards. Since insurance is an annual expense that is not mandated by a union contract or a city tax assessment, many boards regularly "shop" their cover…

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Security Better Safe then Sorry
2000 Aug Better Safe then Sorry

New York City is currently enjoying a period of prosperity and low crime rates. However, no matter how safe a building appears to be, it is important that the board doesn’t relax building security. If a building isn’t adequately secured, it…

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Insurance Necessity or Luxury?
2000 Aug Necessity or Luxury?

One might assume that the insurance policies carried by a building would cover any mishaps that would affect residents. This, however, is a misconception. A co-op corporation or condo association takes responsibility for the structural aspe…

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Law & Legislation Terminating Sponsor Leases
2000 Aug Terminating Sponsor Leases

Many New York City co-ops have garages leased to the sponsor dating back to the co-op’s conversion. Though these garages, described by one judge as "a veritable gold-mine," throw off riches mostly to the sponsor, a little-known federal stat…

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Board Operations Enforcing House Rules
2000 Aug Enforcing House Rules

Building house rules are the "Thou shalt not’s" of the co-op and condo world. Unlike the proprietary lease or bylaws, which cover operational and administrative matters, the house rules cover behavior of the residents–you know, the types of…

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Real Estate Trends Survey Says!
2000 Aug Survey Says!

Manhattan’s Upper East Side, at least in the prime real estate areas, is chock-full of parks and greenery, but lacks a convenient subway line. Wall Street area residents, on the other hand, have great subway accessibility–but not much of an…

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