1999 Mar
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Law & Legislation Cover Story: Legislative Agenda '99
1999 Mar Cover Story: Legislative Agenda '99

If you think you can't make a difference, think again. One very important benefit of membership in local and national organizations for co-op and condo residents is that they get your voices heard by city, state and federal law makers. The …

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Finance Analyzing Financials
1999 Mar Analyzing Financials

There are countless war stories told by real estate brokers of deals that fell apart because the buyer felt that the building's financial statement contained negative information. There is no question that it is essential to review the fina…

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Law & Legislation Local Law 11
1999 Mar Local Law 11

You can't walk down a Manhattan street these days without passing under one or more sidewalk sheds erected to protect pedestrian and vehicular traffic from pieces of building exterior that might fall. Local Law 10 of 1980 and the recently-e…

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