1997 Oct
Focus on... Board Operations

Maintenance Hidden Dangers:
1997 Oct Hidden Dangers:

A little over a year ago tennis star Vitas Gerulitas went to bed in a friend's pool house on Long Island and never woke up. Unbeknownst to him, a faulty pipe was spewing a colorless, odorless, highly poisonous gas into the air and with ea…

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Maintenance Security Do's & Don'ts
1997 Oct Security Do's & Don'ts

Following is a list of security do's and don'ts for both doorman and non-doorman buildings. Of course the first line of defense, according to many security companies, is to use your common sense. Resident Guidelines 1. Never let str…

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Buying & Selling Commercial Tenants
1997 Oct Commercial Tenants

If you're shopping for a new co-op or condo, it's a good idea to get a sense of who your neighbors would be before you make a decision to buy. The wrong neighbors could lower the value of your real estate investment and, if you're sublett…

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Finance Buyers Checklist
1997 Oct Buyers Checklist

For most people, buying a home is the biggest investment they will ever make. But in order to make sure it doesn't become the biggest mistake they ever make, home buyers should do their homework before making a purchase. Following is an e…

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Design Combining Apartments
1997 Oct Combining Apartments

Have you and your family outgrown your apartment? If so, it is time to find a space large enough for everyone to be spread out in. A three-bedroom apartment would be ideal; but, unfortunately, few are available and prices are escalating rap…

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Design Authenticity Fetches Big Bucks
1997 Oct Authenticity Fetches Big Bucks

Real estate brokers are familiar with the scenario: An excited buyer enters a spacious apartment in a building located at a desirable address. Despite the fact that she's been warned by the broker that the interior has been modernized, the …

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Law & Legislation Board Denials on the Rise
1997 Oct Board Denials on the Rise

As the resale value and demand for cooperative apartments increase and the supply of available units decreases, purchasers are facing denials for admission to co-op buildings in record number. There was a time when many co-op boards concl…

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Shareholder Relations Your Rights and Obligations
1997 Oct Your Rights and Obligations

Your roof terrace leaked and the neighbor below you sued for damages. Do you have any recourse? The heating system in your apartment failed to work and the managing agent sent you the bill for its repair. Do you have to pay? You bought a …

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