1997 Nov
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Maintenance Capital Improvement Projects
1997 Nov Capital Improvement Projects

It doesn't matter what type of building you live in or where it is located, eventually it will need some capital improvements. Unfortunately, there's more to it than deciding that the work has to be done and finding a contractor to do the…

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Buying & Selling Your Real Estate Broker
1997 Nov Your Real Estate Broker

You've been working with a real estate broker and finallyafter seeing a dizzying array of apart- mentsyou've narrowed down your search to two beautiful co-ops in two very different but equally fabulous neighborhoods. You and your husband …

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Finance Real Estate Tax Abatement Update
1997 Nov Real Estate Tax Abatement Update

In June 1996 the New York State legislature addressed the long-acknowledged inequity in real estate taxation between co-ops and condos and single-family homes when it passed a bill authorizing tax abatements for eligible New York City own…

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