1997 Mar
Focus on... The Real Estate Market: Review & Forecast

Maintenance Sidewalk Shed Safety
1997 Mar Sidewalk Shed Safety

You are walking along the sidewalk and, as happens so frequently in New York, you approach a portion that is covered by a sidewalk construction shed. Thinking nothing of it, you stay on that side of the street and continue walking under i…

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Buying & Selling Where Have All the Bargains Gone?
1997 Mar Where Have All the Bargains Gone?

The hit musical Rent burst onto Broadway last year amid unanimous praise for its originality and high- energy performances. This tale of down-and-out New Yorkers struggling to pay the rent while they face issues of life and death has turn…

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Finance Relocation & the Board
1997 Mar Relocation & the Board

Even at the most stately Park Avenue address, relocation is a frequent activity as apartments are bought and sold and sublet tenants or roommates move in and out. More than 100,000 people hire movers every year in New York City. But while…

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