1996 Nov
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Maintenance How Do You Know If Your Elevator is Safe?
1996 Nov How Do You Know If Your Elevator is Safe?

Co-op boards are more likely to repair a leaking roof or paint the lobby than tackle an elevator that needs to be upgraded. According to elevator expert Al Milo, president of Dunwell Elevator in Brooklyn, which does elevator maintenanc…

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Management The Professional Property Manager
1996 Nov The Professional Property Manager

The initials following a person's name often reveal a certain level of educational or professional achieve- ment. Designations like M.D., D.D.S., J.D., C.P.A. and C.L.U. indicate the successful fulfillment of certain standardized requi…

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Buying & Selling Buying Smart
1996 Nov Buying Smart

According to the most recent survey by the National Association of Realtors, 41 percent of all new homes are purchased by first-time buyers. Whether you're shopping for a co-op or condo for the first time, or you've already been through t…

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Finance Recovering Legal Fees
1996 Nov Recovering Legal Fees

Earlier this year, a survey of co-ops and condos indicated a surge of litigation between boards and building residents. Such lawsuits can be very costly for both the resident and the building. One important deterrant to frivolous or unnec…

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