1996 Jul/Aug
Focus on... Budget, Finance & Insurance

Board Operations Capital Improvement Projects
1996 Jul/Aug Capital Improvement Projects

Lucky are the board members of co-ops and condos who are able to play a purely supervisory role, simplyoverseeing the work of the managing agent who has the serious job of taking care of the building. In the vast majority of cases, however,…

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Board Operations The Shareholder Versus the Board
1996 Jul/Aug The Shareholder Versus the Board

When it comes to key security, most co-op shareholders and other tenants have no choice but to trust in their building manager. That's because New York state law requires tenants to provide landlords with duplicate keys, if requested. Wheth…

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Finance Keeping Track of the Bottom Line
1996 Jul/Aug Keeping Track of the Bottom Line

It's a typical scenario. The board and managing agent assemble for the regular monthly meeting. Things get lively and everyone participates. The group discusses staff issues, makes decisions about the tile color in the laundry room and dire…

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Design The Empty Nesters
1996 Jul/Aug The Empty Nesters

An elderly retired couple, married for 40 years, recently sold their ten-room suburban home for a simpler three-room Manhattan condominium. They lead an active social life, often entertain their three children and five grandchildren for…

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