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Real Estate Trends Let's Go Expo
2003 Dec/Jan Let's Go Expo

Once again, the time is drawing near to mark your calendars and program your Palm Pilots to remind you of The Cooperator's annual Co-op and Condo Expo, which is descending on Midtown's New York Hilton, 53rd Street and Avenue of the America…

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Real Estate Trends
2002 Sep

The Cooperator is proud to announce the launch of its new-and-improved Web site - - which went live this spring to deliver the same helpful, informative content contained in our print version, plus the entire contents o…

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Real Estate Trends The NORCs Are Coming!
2002 May The NORCs Are Coming!

The population of the United States is graying. Between 1990 and 2000, the number of Americans aged 60 and older grew by almost 4 million. Improved health care and resources are enabling people to lead longer, healthier lives, forcing m…

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Real Estate Trends The Cooperator's Co-op & Condo Expo
2002 Apr The Cooperator's Co-op & Condo Expo

The Cooperator’s 15th annual Co-op and Condo Expo, which took place February 25 at the New York Hilton, provided a unique opportunity for prospective co-op and condo buyers, shareholders and unit owners, real estate brokers, board members…

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Real Estate Trends Market Review and Forecast
2002 Mar Market Review and Forecast

After an era of giddy figures–with the average price of an apartment in Manhattan closing in on $1 million–New York City’s residential real estate market has started to lose its sense of certainty. Any broker asked about the state of affair…

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Real Estate Trends Residential Forecast
2001 Mar Residential Forecast

No market can continue to sustain the astonishingly high prices that New York cooperatives and condominiums brought last year. The moderation of prices we are experiencing in 2001 represents a return to a more rational marketplace in which …

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Real Estate Trends Cross-Country Real Estate
2001 Mar Cross-Country Real Estate

The new millennium has taken the real estate industry for a pretty wild ride. Nothing but up, up and away have gone prices, with inventory availability down to a severe low, keeping it interesting. Yet real estate is a still hot commodity…a…

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Real Estate Trends Is it Really a Trend?
2000 Nov Is it Really a Trend?

From the outside, it’s impossible to tell a co-op from a condo–there’s no physical difference between the two. However, as more and more are considering the concept of co-op to condo conversion, real questions about its possible benefits an…

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Real Estate Trends Hot Enough For You?
2000 Nov Hot Enough For You?

The following is the text of a speech Adrienne Albert, president of Manhattan real estate brokerage firm The Marketing Directors, gave at the monthly luncheon meeting of Associated Builders and Owners this past September. I was aske…

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Real Estate Trends Survey Says!
2000 Aug Survey Says!

Manhattan’s Upper East Side, at least in the prime real estate areas, is chock-full of parks and greenery, but lacks a convenient subway line. Wall Street area residents, on the other hand, have great subway accessibility–but not much of an…

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