Up on the Rooftop Caring for a Valuable Amenity

 The roof is the uppermost part of any residential building, serving as the first  line of defense against whatever the skies throw at its inhabitants. In many  New York co-op and condo buildings, the roof is also a social space, complete  with decking, planters, awnings, and sometimes even sun chairs or a hot tub.  These roofs do double duty—and as such, they're subjected to far more wear-and-tear than their  restricted-access counterparts.  

 Let’s take a closer look at roof decks—how they’re made, and what they mean for your building.  

 Nuts and Bolts

 Decks in New York City are typically made out of concrete or wood. What a  building decides to use depends on their current site circumstances as well as  budgetary allowances.  

 “Many condos and co-ops will go with concrete because it is durable and can  easily meet any building and fire codes,” says Michael DiMezza, president of Outside Design Build, Inc. in Brooklyn. “It puts up with the sun and cold well and comes in wide array of colors and  textures. There are even some newer products that are softer on the foot. When  you compare it with wood, it has greater longevity and less maintenance.”  

 DiMezza says that despite the pros of concrete, many boards still choose to use  wood as their primary decking material.  


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