Lobby and Hallway Improvements Making a Good First Impression

There’s an old saying, ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression,’ and that holds very true for multifamily buildings. Large or small, deluxe or modest, a building's lobby serves as a snapshot for the rest of the building.

Once residents and potential buyers walk through the door—and there are many of them on a given day tracking dirt and contributing to its overall wear and tear—the foyer tells them everything they need to know about what’s upstairs. People interpret a shabby, deteriorated or just plain out-of-fashion lobby as a reflection of what they’ll find on the rest of the property, and how much the building staff and owners care about its condition. The lobby will either welcome them or deter them from coming back.

The First Look Counts

Bill Becker has been on all sides of the multifamily industry—from property manager to condo board member and finally, current president of New York Corridors, a Manhattan-based firm that provides a complete line of general contracting services, specializing in the renovation of hallways and lobbies in cooperatives and condominiums. He knows first-hand the benefits of a well-kept lobby. He remembers when he entered the lobby of an older New York City building and wasn’t impressed. Deliveries were piled up in the corner, and the lobby seemed chaotic and run-down. “I couldn’t find a concierge because I think he was hidden behind the boxes,” says Becker, the company president. “An owner coming home wants to come into a nice lobby.”

“Potential buyers survey the lobby, and it has a dramatic effect on real estate sales,” Becker says. “A nice lobby is not only going to sell apartments faster but the building is going to operate more efficiently. Sometimes when the lobby is rearranged it also allows more services to be provided to the residents and provides a nice seating area for their guests.”

If shabby, deteriorated and out-of-fashion describes your building’s lobby, it just might be time to do something about it. “Every building is very budget conscious, but the more money they spend on the lobby, the more money they’ll get back,” says Becker. “It can add 10% to 15% to the value of the existing apartments.”


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  • Not a comment... But can u suggest some in Brooklyn who can help with a 9 family Co-Op update who are seeking to redo a small narrow lobby, stairways and landings.
  • Hi, Can you recommend someone who can help match hallway door and wall colors with carpeting for a six story co-op building (66 apartments) in the Pelham Bay section of the Bronx? We would also like suggestions with wall decor. Thank you.
  • responding to Debbie Rivera's comment above for Hallway Renovations? YES !! We have done more hallway and lobby renovations in NYC than any other contractor. this is what we specialize in and i would be happy to answer any questions you may have on my company. Thank you. email me at {the Hallway Company)
  • We hired Mark Chamberlain who leads a team of artisans. Their work and work ethic were stellar. They cleared out wiring from the 60s to the aughts, patched, painted, the whole job was brilliant. 9 story building, plus access to roof.
  • Hi, I live in a 1970's 4 story condo with brick wall/elevator how can I make it look modern/up to date. It is just sad walking to elevator and even seating is concrete. Thnx in advance