Building Workers Approve New Contract in 95% Landslide Contract Provides 12.57% Wage Increases Over 4 Years

Handshake and contract signing an agreement.

On Friday, May 20 32BJ SEIU building workers - a group that includes doorpersons, superintendents, resident managers, handypersons, concierges, and porters in the city's residential and commercial buildings - voted overwhelmingly to ratify a new contract, In addition to providing a 12.57% wage increase over four years to keep members ahead of inflation and the rising cost of living, the contract protects pension and health care benefits.

“We believe the deal we secured and that 32BJ SEIU building workers overwhelmingly ratified recognize our members’ sacrifice during our city's global pandemic," said 32BJ President Kyle Bragg. "This contract protects paid time off and provides the economic security our members need in a time of rising inflation. I want to thank every one of our members who voted in this ratification process. The fight to ensure that those who work in New York’s residential buildings can afford to live here continues.” 

According to Bargaining Committee Member Bryce Moreno, “This contract represents a recognition of our collective value as skilled, dedicated, and irreplaceable employees who make New York home for so many residents. That’s why a massive majority of my fellow members voted to ratify. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this historic agreement a reality. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow, on the job.” Added Bargaining Committee Member Ardist Brown Jr., “We fought hard to protect our healthcare and win real wage increases, and, thanks to the work of countless members, that’s what we did with this contract. It is moments like this that exemplify the power of being in a union.”

The contract approved by 32BJ residential members was tentatively agreed to by the union and the Realty Advisory Board of New York on April 19. Members ratified the deal by mail ballot, and the results were tallied on Friday, May 20, at 32BJ SEIU headquarters in Manhattan. The new contract will expire on April 20, 2026.

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