Bloom Times The Luxury - and Value - of Floral Arrangements

“It looks like a photo from a magazine!” is the exclamation many a manager, broker, potential buyer and board president have made upon stepping into an otherwise generic lobby and seeing a new, eye-popping floral arrangement brightening up the space.  Flowers add a dash of elegance, color, and freshness to any room. 

“Who doesn’t love fresh flowers?” asks Marilyn Sygrove, principle of Sygrove Design Associates, an interior design firm with clients in both New York and New Jersey. “They can bring aroma, romance, and intimacy to a space.” 

“Flowers give a building lobby life, color and warmth,” says Daniel Wollman, CEO of Gumley Haft, a management firm based in New York. “They’re the second thing people see when they enter the lobby, after the doorman. Therefore, the arrangement needs to be impressive.” 


According to Sygrove, “Generally, high-end properties budget for fresh cut flowers in the lounge area of the lobby, and/or the doorman or concierge desk.  More often though, we see live plants, since they have a longer life of several months vs. the cost of a weekly arrangement.”  

Wollman notes that “In some locations we use artificial flowers, and they are gorgeous. The arrangements can be made so beautifully, you would not know they are artificial.”


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