2018 July
Focus on... Budget & Finance

Finance The Tax Act of 2017
2018 July The Tax Act of 2017

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 represents the first major restructuring of federal income taxes since 1986, and ushers in serious changes to how co-op, condo, and HOA owners will benefit from home ownership. In many cases, the new law wi…

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Finance Underlying Mortgage Refi
2018 July Underlying Mortgage Refi

Home comes in many shapes and sizes. Some prefer the elegance of prewar apartment buildings, while others lean towards the high-tech brilliance of a brand-new building. And there are those who like the small-town, neighborly feeling of a br…

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Finance When Associations Borrow
2018 July When Associations Borrow

Whether it’s a renovation, an emergency repair, or anything in-between, condos, cooperatives, and homeowners’ associations are rarely not spending money on something. And while they may have reserves on hand to pay for its latest project, m…

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Management Seasonal Residents
2018 July Seasonal Residents

While most of us make do with just the one home, some are lucky enough to be able to escape less-than-favorable weather for second (or even third) homes in greener pastures. But while these fortunate folks winter in, say, the Florida Keys, …

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Q&A Q&A: Board Problems
2018 July Q&A: Board Problems

Q. I  have recently been elected to the board of directors at my co-op in Suffolk County. I rocked the boat when I was elected. The current board is not interested in doing necessary things, but rather stall projects and try to distract t…

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