2011 February
Focus on... Board/Shareholder Relations

Shareholder Relations Duty vs. Neighbors
2011 February Duty vs. Neighbors

Getting elected to the board of one's co-op or condo building is usually a very positive thing: it gives a person the chance to play a part in the preservation of their community, and also gives them the opportunity to leave it in bette…

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Shareholder Relations How to Get Heard
2011 February How to Get Heard

As a shareholder or condo owner, you’ve got a gripe. Whether it’s about Mrs. Smith’s poodle barking all day, the neighbor’s teenaged son who blasts his heavy metal music full-volume when his parents aren’t home, or a long-coveted parking…

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Shareholder Relations The Growth of Home Based Businesses
2011 February The Growth of Home Based Businesses

According to U.S. Small Business Administration statistics, over half of all small businesses begun in the last decade have been home-based—that's more than 24 million in real numbers—with a new home-based business being launched every 1…

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Shareholder Relations Pets Allowed?
2011 February Pets Allowed?

Even as condos and co-ops around the Northeast have loosened pet restrictions to increase marketability during the recession, only a limited segment of New York City buildings have jumped on the bandwagon. Co-ops, most of whic…

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Shareholder Relations Getting Out the Vote
2011 February Getting Out the Vote

Election season typically starts around Labor Day, when we start to be bombarded with reminders to cast our ballots to choose who we want to be in charge of our city, town, state and country. It ends on Election Day in November, when th…

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Shareholder Relations Managing People
2011 February Managing People

The responsibilities of property managers include a wide array of tasks, from the physical to the administrative. While many of these jobs involve concrete things—like sending out monthly bills, filing paperwork, or going to meetings—eq…

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Shareholder Relations Before You Sue — Read This
2011 February Before You Sue — Read This

Filing a lawsuit as any co-op or condo resident that’s been involved in one can attest, is not only very time-consuming and expensive, but equally unnnerving and contentious. A much saner solution to settle any acrimonious dispute is to…

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Shareholder Relations Astoria, Queens
2011 February Astoria, Queens

 Astoria is a neighborhood in the northwestern corner of Queens that is as  diverse as the immigrants that settled there from places as far away as Greece,  Italy, Ireland, Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East.    A Famous Ances…

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Shareholder Relations Hot or Cold?
2011 February Hot or Cold?

 No, it’s not the Katy Perry song, “first you’re hot and then you’re cold,” but treating a bedbug infestation can be just as opposing and confusing as the  romantic relationship in that popular song. Do I go with the pest control  company …

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Q&A Q&A: An Inappropriate Action?
2011 February Q&A: An Inappropriate Action?

Q I just found out that a member of my co-op board has been issued a check for a very large amount from our operating account. There has been no explanation or discussion about this, and now nearly six figures worth of our community …

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Shareholder Relations Q&A: Paying for Home Improvement
2011 February Q&A: Paying for Home Improvement

Q “I live in a co-op in Queens. The front door to my apt. is being replaced—due to its extreme age it is no longer functioning properly. The manager informed me that I will be responsible for providing all of the hardware for this door—…

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Q&A Q&A: Raising Our Rent?
2011 February Q&A: Raising Our Rent?

Q I live in Cobble Hill in Brooklyn and our building is going through non-eviction condo conversion. Can the landlord or sponsor raise our rent for major capital improvements even if the building converts, or does the sponsor pay the…

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