1998 Feb
Focus on... Management/Board Relations

Maintenance Rooftop Decks
1998 Feb Rooftop Decks

For many New Yorkers one of the high points of city living is the urban vista they enjoy from their building's communal rooftop deck. Even when the view's not the greatest, just being able to enjoy the outdoors in a relatively private s…

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Maintenance Garbage Disposers
1998 Feb Garbage Disposers

For most visitors to New York City, it is a mystery as to why garbage disposers (the popular term disposal derives from the GE brand name Disposall) have not been allowed in most neighborhoods. Despite the fact that these hardy kitchen ap…

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Management Effective Board Meetings
1998 Feb Effective Board Meetings

Like any body of individuals charged with overseeing the operation of a corporation, it is necessary for co-op and condo board members to meet on a regular basis. But just coming together at a set time and place does not guarantee an effe…

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Management Switching Management Firms
1998 Feb Switching Management Firms

Even the best working relationships between co-op and condo boards and their management com- panies can eventually come to an end, forcing a switch from one company to another. The transition can be lengthy and complex in the best of circ…

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Management Building Maintenance and Repair
1998 Feb Building Maintenance and Repair

The increase in the number of co-ops and condos in New York City has changed the way many New Yorkers live. Renters who have purchased a co-op apartment have become owners of stock while condo owners posses a block and lot. The traditional …

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