1997 Apr
Focus on... Maintenance Year-Round Planning

Maintenance Getting the Lead Out
1997 Apr Getting the Lead Out

What do you know about lead-based paint? Perhaps you know that it's a toxin that's espe- cially dangerous to children under the age of six, and that even fetuses can be affected since they can be exposed to lead through their mother's blo…

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Maintenance A Unique Source of Funding
1997 Apr A Unique Source of Funding

In 1988 Mayor Ed Koch announced a new program that would give homeowners and multiple-dwelling buildings ten years to switch over to water meters, a program that is scheduled for completion by December 31, 1998. With this change, all New …

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Maintenance Gas Deregulation
1997 Apr Gas Deregulation

In Spring, 1996 New York State made it legal for small-volume users in the metropolitan area to purchase natural gas from sources other than the major utility companies such as Consolidated Edison (Con Ed) and Brooklyn Union Gas (BUG). Ho…

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Maintenance Capital Improvements
1997 Apr Capital Improvements

What can a board do if its building is faced with extensive capital work while recovering from the real estate slump of the early 1990s? Assessments are unpopular and reserves are low. There's a desire to have construction operations com…

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