Touchless Technology vs. COVID-19 CCTV, Video Intercoms, & Remote Access Control Can Help

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many condos, co-ops and rental buildings in NYC restricted the entry of nannies, dog walkers, housekeepers, outside contractors, etc. to their properties, limiting access to residents and essential building staff only. As NYC and its surrounding regions begin to open up again, these workers will be returning to work - and buildings must follow social distancing and other mandatory guidelines.

 We know that the flood of coronavirus information can be a lot to take in, and in the months to come, the number of confirmed cases will likely grow - as will the likelihood of a carrier entering your building. So the time to develop a response to this situation is now. Property management companies throughout the United States are implementing a variety of measures to prepare for and combat a second wave of the virus. Technology will be a key tool in accelerating the process of fully reopening residential building common areas and amenity spaces safely. 

 Property managers will need to both enact and ensure compliance with social distancing rules, while continuing to disinfect surfaces and clean common areas. Beyond just informing residents, how does technology help a property manager mitigate the situation and get their property ready for re-opening? 

Touchless technology - including integrated digital CCTV, cameras, video intercoms, and access control devices - backed up by trained remote operators can be an enormous help to multifamily managers, boards, and residents, enabling an easier reopening by: 

• Regulating access for building staff, residents and visitors to lobby and common/amenity spaces 


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