The Cooperator Events Presents: Take it Outside - Reimagining Outdoor Spaces to Benefit Residents & Boost Value A Virtual Town Hall Sponsored by QG Landscape

The Cooperator Events Presents A Virtual Town Hall: Take it Outside - Reimagining Outdoor Spaces to Benefit Residents & Boost Value. Sponsored by QG Landscape

Thursday November 19th at 1:30PM EST


Outdoor spaces like gardens, roof decks, and courtyards have always been sought-after amenities - especially in cities like NYC where square-footage has always been at a premium - but with the advent of the pandemic, having safe, accessible, attractive outdoor common areas has become even more of a selling point for co-ops and condos. And while some communities have such spaces built in right from the start, others may need to take a fresh look at existing spaces that could be turned into beautiful, inviting oases for residents and their families to enjoy. Whether you're curious about what plantings work best in an urban climate, are looking for creative ways to adapt your open spaces to social distancing, or are interested in turning unused or underused space in your building into something special, this event will offer professional advice and inspiration!


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