COVID-19 Q&A for Co-ops & Condos Keeping Pace With the Crisis

NOTE: The following is content submitted to The Cooperator from a professional contributor, and reflects that contributor's opinions, experience, and expertise. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unique and challenging situations to each of us. Our cooperative and condominium clients, and their managing agents, have been working diligently to keep pace as this crisis unfolds. First and foremost, we hope that you and all of your families are safe and well. We have been advising our clients on particular situations as they arise and will continue to be available to do so. Below are our thoughts on issues which have arisen repeatedly over the past few days. Of course, boards need to use their best judgment for their particular building.

Q. If a resident tests positive for COVID-19, or is self-quarantined, should we tell the other residents and staff?

A. Residents should be notified if the board or management receives notification that someone tests positive for COVID-19 in the building. However the name and apartment number of the resident should not be disclosed to the other residents. If a board learns someone has decided to self-quarantine, the board should not disclose this. People self-quarantine for many reasons, and may not pose an immediate or imminent danger.  Regardless of what the residents are told, they must continue to act appropriately: wash hands with soap often, use disinfectant on surfaces, and keep hands away from their mouth, nose and eyes.

Q. Should employees make service calls inside apartments?


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  • The Admissions committee of our co-op usually meets for an interview with prospective applicants in our Board room. The committee is having reservations about meeting in person with the current corona virus crisis, due to lack of space for social distancing. We are thinking about just submitting questions to the applicant about their admissions package regarding their financials, employment and any questions we might have about the package. We're also considering a teleconference.
  • Are co-ops "allowed" to limit the amount of guests going to units? We have a shareholder who has had parties the past two evenings.
  • Gov. Cuomo's state of emergency has declared the real estate businesses to be a non-essential service at this time so there should be NO open houses in the traditional sense taking place during the Coronavirus pandemic, nor should there be individual, private showings of properties unless in the form of a virtual tour. Brokers and agents should act responsibly and adhere to the law, also refraining from making cold calls until the order is lifted.
  • J Bloom - check with your legal counsel on this - we did and our counsel said it was acceptable to do interviews via Zoom/video conferencing.
  • what is the building protocol once a tenant notifies the building that she/she is infected with COVID-19?
  • hi just wondering if their are any procedures when a staff member comes back to work after having corona virus in my co-op building thamks
  • Marjorie Pokorchak on Tuesday, May 5, 2020 7:31 PM
    Does the board or management have the right to fine shareholders if they are not wearing a mask? Is this rule going against the rights of the shareholders?
  • what about move-ins or move-outs
  • Is it legal for the board to give a maintenance increase during the pandemic?