Cover Up Governor Cuomo Mandates Masks for Essential Workers

Cover Up

On April 12, Governor Cuomo issued updates to Executive Order 202, including instructions for employees of essential businesses and entities -- which, according to multiple legal pros include co-op, condo, and HOA employees -- to be provided face coverings to further help stem the tide of COVID-19 infection among workers and the public. According to the Order (the full text of which can be found here:

"For all essential businesses or entities, any employees who are present in the workplace shall be provided and shall wear face coverings when in direct contact with customers or members of the public. Businesses must provide, at their expense, such face coverings for their employees. This provision may be enforced by local governments or local law enforcement as if it were an order pursuant to section 12 or 12-b of the Public Health Law." 

The face covering requirement went into effect on Wednesday, April 15 at 8p.m. and extends to at least May 12. Additional coronavirus/COVID-19 information and resources for New Yorkers can be found at

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