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Sprinkler   System  Inspections  NYC LMFSPC #888B  Local Law 152  Gas Piping  Inspections  NYC LMP #1377  Monthly inspections of your building’s sprinkler system by a  qualified   certificate holder, along with corresponding record keeping is required.   The  inspection  is necessary to ensure  that your firefighting  systems   will work  properly when  needed.  Thoroughly performed  inspections   are not just a matter of compliance; it’s for protection of life & property.   Are your inspections  being  performed  thoroughly or is the inspection   card just being signed? Call Varsity to perform a system survey today.  The  law requires  that every building  containing  a gas piping  system   (R3  occupancy  classification excluded) undergo  a visual inspection   with leak detection  monitoring every 4 years. Our inspectors are   experienced, trained, certified & under the supervision of a  NYC   Licensed Master  Plumber.  Specialized training &  equipment allows   them  to identify leaks, abnormal operating & dangerous conditions.  If your building is like most others, it  is equipped with one or more   backflow prevention  devices, each of which  is required to be tested   annually, with corresponding  test reports properly executed & placed   on  file with DEP.  Varsity provides testing & any necessary repairs.    SPECIFICALLY TRAINED INSPECTORS   PROPER & TIMELY PRODUCTION OF REQUIRED REPORTS    718-358-5400     Leak Tracing Experts   Emergency Service   Gas Leaks & Repairs          Pumping Systems   Water Filtration   Fair Pricing      Backflow   Device Testing  NYS Cert. #902  Since 1962  Licensed & Insured  31-99 123rd Street, Flushing, NY 11354  AVOID COSTLY   VIOLATIONS & FINES  - CALL NOW -

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