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COOPERATORNEWS.COM  COOPERATORNEWS —  MAY 2021    3  TABLE OF CONTENTS  Yale Robbins   Publisher  Henry Robbins   Executive Vice President  Joanna DiPaola   Associate Publisher  Hannah Fons   Senior Editor  Darcey Gerstein   Associate Editor  Pat Gale   Associate Editor  Shirly Korchak   Art Director  Anne Anastasi   Production Manager  Alan J. Sidransky   Staff Writer    CooperatorNews is published monthly by Yale Robbins Publishing, LLC, 205 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10016, (212) 683-5700. President: Yale Robbins, Executive Vice President: Henry Robbins. Subscriptions are available free by request to  co-op and condo board members and   homeowner associations. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to CooperatorNews, 205 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10016. ©Yale Robbins Publishing, LLC 2021. All rights reserved. Application to mail Periodicals postage rates is pending at New York NY. FREE Subscriptions   for Board Members, Property Managers and Real Estate Decision Makers. To Subscribe, please visit us at:  We’re  here  to  help.  Comprised  of  experienced  lenders  with  local  market  knowledge,  Flushing  Bank’s  Real  Estate  Lending  Team  offers   one-on-one guidance to help you find the most favorable solution to fit your needs. As a leader in NY commercial real estate lending, we provide   competitive rates and a streamlined loan process so you can capitalize quickly.   Email us at   or call:  OWNER-OCCUPIED   1-4 FAMILY  Duplex, triplex or   multifamily property  Homes, condos & co-ops  1-4 FAMILY +   COMMERCIAL SPACE  INVESTOR-OWNED   1-4 FAMILY  Put your real estate investment plan   into motion.  Small enough to know you.  Large enough to help you.  ®  Patrick Akosah       718.512.2798  NMLS #674966  Jeff Cui                  718.512.2816  NMLS #1689598  Patrick Dolan         718.512.2817   NMLS #1016524   Daniel Lee                718.593.8067  NMLS #64756  Christopher O’Hara 718.512.2809  NMLS #673112  Michael Pollis           718.512.2911  NMLS #1703994  220 RXR Plaza, Uniondale, NY 11556  •   Flushing Bank is a registered trademark  FB 1147 (RMU) Mixed-use Real Estate AD Update (The Cooperator) v3.indd   1  FB 1147 (RMU) Mixed-use Real Estate AD Update (The Cooperator) v3.indd   1  3/10/21   1:50 PM  3/10/21   1:50 PM  Peter Chase   Director of Sales  Fred Marks   Director of Sales  U         D            ADA.........    The idea that ‘form follows function’ is one of the basic concepts underlying nearly every  Design is what makes the difference between a space looking like a seductive boudoir…   design discipline—but function for whom? For many people living with disabilities, it   often seems that ‘function’ covers a very narrow range of ability—rendering many forms   clumsy at best, and completely useless at worst. While a cascading stairway might pro-  vide drama to a public space, for example, it may present an insurmountable obstacle to   anyone making use of a wheelchair or other mobility aid.   I        D      R        ...... .    As the biggest global health crisis of modern times continues to impact the world, it   leaves a wake of changes to the way we live, eat, work, play, learn, plan, and even how   we dream. Humans — a species well-known for our adaptability — are finding ways to   adjust our lifestyles to this new environment.   U     C        C      M   ....    or the interior of a cardboard box. Neither may be appropriate for a co-op or condo   lobby, but somewhere in between lies the comforting, welcoming common space we   hope to encounter when we arrive home. The key to creating that welcome lies largely in   the use of basic elements of color, texture, and light.  While all three interlock to create a   unified, coherent aesthetic, color is at the heart of the puzzle.  P    .....................        Q A.....................    F        W  ................   8.19

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